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Müller targets 30% carbon reduction from supplying dairy farmers

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Müller targets 30% carbon reduction from supplying dairy farmers

Müller is targeting a 30% reduction in emissions from supplying farms by 2030.

In collaboration with industry experts and its supplying farmers, Müller has identified three key changes that will help farmers reduce their environmental footprint: encouraging the replacement or reduction of soya feed in cattle diets, using more natural fertiliser, and increased use of genetics management.

The new target for over 500 Müller Direct farmers is part of the dairy company’s Müller Advantage programme from 2022, which helps farmers operate successful and progressive enterprises whilst also proactively addressing a range of important issues for consumers and customers.

99.5% of Müller Direct dairy farmers signed up to Müller Advantage in 2021, which provides farmers with tools and support to help further improve areas like supply chain collaboration, herd health and reductions in environmental impact.

Participation by Müller Direct farmers[1]in Müller Advantage throughout 2022 will once again be incentivised, with an opportunity to earn a payment of 1 pence per litre (equivalent to £20,000 for a 2.0 million litre per annum producer).

The dairy company has updated its payment method, with the 1 pence per litre now paid quarterly rather than annually.

All supplying farmers will continue to benefit from Müller’s simple and transparent contracts, farmer representation and dedicated supply team.

Jon Jenkins, chief executive officer at Müller Milk & Ingredients said:

“We know that shoppers are thinking much more carefully about the choices they make, how and where it was made, the health benefits, the value it represents and how it is packaged. With 96% of adults in Britain buying milk, the end-to-end process, from farm to fridge, impacts a lot of lives, and we recognise our responsibility to do the right thing throughout the supply chain.

“While we already have a powerful story to tell in the dairy industry, to ensure future generations continue to benefit from its goodness, the whole supply chain must adapt and work harder than ever to meet the needs of the markets it serves.”

Müller UK & Ireland recently hit its 2025 target to reduce its carbon footprint by 40%[2], having implemented a number of changes throughout the business to make it more efficient. Its customers now benefit from state of the art facilities, which are in the right locations, use less energy and produce less waste.

[1] Müller Direct farmers are those farmers who supply conventional or organic milk directly to Müller. It excludes farmers who are in an Aligned Milk Pool.

[2] From a 2015 baseline


Müller UK & Ireland is wholly owned by Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller which employs 26,000 people throughout Europe. In the UK, Müller develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of branded and private label dairy products made with milk from 1,500 farmers in Britain.

Müller is ranked at No.17 in The Grocer’s Top 100 list of Britain’s Biggest Brands, and it is also Britain’s most chosen dairy brand, picked from shelves more than 182 million times each year. Müller UK & Ireland comprises three business units:

Müller Milk & Ingredients aims to be Britain’s private label dairy leader and produces branded and private label fresh milk, cream, butter and ingredients products. It boasts a network of dairies and depots servicing customers throughout the country.

Müller Yogurt & Desserts is the UK’s leading yogurt manufacturer responsible for major brands like Müllerlight, Müller Corner and Müller Rice. It produces chilled desserts under licence from Mondelez International and supplies the UK private label yogurt market from a dedicated, state of the art yogurt facility.

Milk & More delivers daily essentials to more than 500,000 homes in England, via a network of 53 local fulfilment centres. The milkman is arguably the original home delivery service and Milk & More is ensuring that this great British tradition continues to flourish.

Müller is an Official Supporter of British Athletics and Athletics Ireland and has been title partner for 16 world-class events since 2016, with more to come throughout 2022. Müller aims to add taste to life and inspire people to live happier and healthier lifestyles.



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